Private Duty In-Home Care              


 Homemaker-Companions To Skilled Nursing           Full or Part Time  4 to 24 Hour          

Referring Independent Caregivers Pinellas and Pasco Counties

Your resource for finding private duty 4 hour to 24 hour in-home independent caregivers for a simple part-time helping hand with meals and homemaking with a personal assistant or companion... to help with personal car and hygiene with a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant... to nursing needs by a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse as needs may change. Affordable and flexible.

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Private duty non-medicare independent caregivers are referred for in home, custodial care, from simple assistance to full skilled nursing care, full time or part time utilizing Companions, HHA, CNA, LPN or RN  from 4 to 24 hours per day  Independent caregivers may also provide meals and homemaking duties for the Client.

Special Information For Case Managers, Discharge
Professionals or Social Workers

Do you have a friend who is a Case Manager or Social Worker? Send our information to them.

  • Independent Caregivers supplement the services of the visiting Medicare home health provider that typically provides Medicare visits for some weeks after discharge. Caregivers work in concert with the Medicare home health provider with caregivers performing the round-the-clock custodial care that visiting home health companies typically do not provide.
  • Independent caregivers may perform far more than Companion-Homemaker services are permitted. A Companion-Homemaker service can only provide non-medical assistance and is not permitted to perform hands-on, personal care.
  • The independent caregivers also supplement the services provided by the Client’s Hospice: Services for sensitive palliative care or end-of-life phases. The physical and emotional needs of the Client and families are paramount.